1.       What is HeadsUpFD to Windows 7?

·         HeadsUpFD to Windows 7 is a is a proximity badge-enabled software solution that automates the cumbersome steps to login, authenticate users, activate fast-user switching, and secure a user’s unique Windows session to protect confidential information mandated by privacy regulations and is ideal for shared workstation environments such as Front Desks, Concierge, PBX and Bell Stand.  HeadsUp FD is also ideal for Casino Pit Stands, Casino Cage, Casino Slot Booths and Casino Host Desks.  HeadsUp FD is also hugely successful in doctors offices hospitals and school/university environments.


2.       What are the benefits of HeadsUp FD?

·         Fast, secure access to the user’s unique Windows 7 desktop

·         More Heads-Up time

·         Streamlines workflow

·         More efficient use of personnel

·         Promotes and makes compliance with security regulation easy for users

·         Substantial time savings when logging in or switching users

·         HeadsUpFD to Windows 7 also adds an additional level of security to shared computers enhancing security compliance


3.       Which hotel department should use HeadsUpFD?

·         We recommend usingHeadsUpFD for the hotel’s shared computers at the Front Desk, Concierge Desk, PBX and Casino Areas.

4.       Where is HeadsUp FD utilized in Doctors Practices, Hospitals and Schools ?
·         Reception Areas
·         Exam Rooms
·         Student/Teacher Labseception Areas


     5.       What happens if I forget my badge?

·         You can always login manually with your User Name and Password.

·         You can get a new badge and re-enroll.  Your old badge will automatically be deactivated.


6.       Can I log in without a proximity card?

·         Yes.  You can login manually using your User Name and Password.


7.       Can we use our existing RFID Badges?

·         Yes.  You can use the same RFID Badge you use for ID and building access.