Product Overview

Minimize risk.  Maximize productivity.

HeadsUp FD was created and designed to protect guest information.  Not only credit card information, but room number, home address and duration of stay.  Ultimately the hotels are responsible for any sort of breach of guest information.  HeadsUp FD is an inexpensive one time solution that insures front desk agents, concierge and spa personnel are protecting guest information at all times.  The most common PCI violation is the sharing of logins by agents.  Agents cannot be expected to continuously manually log in and out throughout their shift and still maintain a rapport with guests while looking down and typing.  HeadsUp allows for continuous interaction with guests without compromising security policy. 

HeadsUpFD is easy and intuitive to use, automating multiple redundant steps for users accessing their Windows 7 or 8 desktop.  Users ‘tap’ the same proximity badges used for physical access to authenticate to their own unique Windows 7 or 8 session.  After the initial login each day, users need only tap their badge once to quickly secure their session and again to quickly re-access their session without entering a password. And if a user has not secured their session when they leave the computer, a new user can “tap-over” the first user’s session, automatically securing that session while simultaneously logging in or reconnecting the new user. The rolling, configurable password-save time refreshes with each badge tap.

HeadsUpFD is a cost-effective software solution with a small client install that leverages Active Directory for secure user identification.  It is easy to set up with its simple configuration tool.  No separate server hardware is required.


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